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Le temps d attente est beaucoup trop long lors de louverture. Rgds

Great calculator

Does its job well and you can see what you have entered!

More features please

Sometimes i need to calcuate angles for wood working. Some features with tan, sin, cos to remember me easily how to calculate these woulb be very helpful and timesaving. :)

The best



Atendeu minhas expectativas!!!

Ok, but ...

Takes to long when start up. Such a simple app should be ready to use in less than a second. But it needs up to five or more seconds.


alles was man erwartet

Very good !!

It works without problems

Nice tool

Nice tool

Great app!

Easy to use, and I love that I can customize the look.

Great apps

Good app. Very clear layout.

Counting on it

Great calculator. Big numbers, smooth operation. Gets the math right, too.

It adds. And stuff.

It also correctly answers 6922251 x 8; so, pretty good, for a calculator


Best for iPad

wheres multiply and divide?

since update to ios10 the calculator widget no longer has multiply and divide! pls fix

The Calculator

This calculator is really good. Thank you for making this good calculator.

Newest updated removed the feature I used the most

Before this current update they had multiply and divide in the Notification Center widget. I can add and subtract in my head for most numbers I use in my daily life, but multiplying and diving is more complicated. Like why the hell would you replace two vital functions with an "open in app" button? If I wanted the full app, I would open the full app. I just want a quick multiplication/division

Need work

Loading time is too long for the app to open up and widget of it doesnt contain the multiplier button and the The divide button

Easy to Use

Its a adds, it subtracts and it works ;)

Update? Pshaw

Please give me back my old calculator app with no ads and fast startup time. For my phone this new version is too slow and irritating. They want money to get rid of the ads. Thats not updating. Thats downgrading in my opinion.

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